Birthdays, Baking and Balloons!

December 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to me!! I am now officially in the 30’s club! And I have to say, i’m looking forward to it! I am going to embrace being 30 and make this year my best yet!


After a few not so great months I feel really good at the minute! I am really inspired to work hard, push my ideas for future plans I have that will hopefully inspire others to get creative! 


I do love my birthday being at this time, everyone is feeling festive and happy and in celebration mode! It’s great! Plus it is snowing outside and I am currently sat at home with a cup of tea wearing my new birthday jumper watching Polar Express haha. Not only is it my birthday today but it is my brothers and my sisters. So extra celebrations today as it is our big 30th. We have a big family meal planned and I intend to drink plenty and drag the celebrations out for as long as possible. That’s only fair right? 


I promised a few people I would write up the recipe for the fudge I made this week. As you know my previous attempts we’re all a disaster but this time it worked perfectly! It tasted so yummy! So the recipe is below! Give it a go and let me know how you get on! 


Yummy Fudge Recipe!



450g Demerara sugar 

50g butter

100ml milk

300ml double cream

1tbsp liquid glucose

1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Line and 8x8 inch square tin with grease proof paper.

2. Place all ingredients except for the vanilla in a deep saucepan - it bubbles up so use a big 


3. On a medium to high heat bring the fudge to a temperature of 116’C using the sugar thermometer. Keep stirring the whole time! It might take about 20mins. 

- keep the thermometer in the fudge and make sure you scrape at the bottom to avoid it sticking to the pan. 

4. At 116’C take it off the heat and leave to stand for a few mins until the temperature is at 110’C. Then add in the vanilla extract. 

5. Using a wooden spoon keep mixing the fudge until it gets firmer - it will start to crystallise slightly, when it does transfer it straight to the tin! 


The recipe said to mix it in a mixer but to be honest I didn’t want to have to wash another bowl so I just did it by hand and it worked perfectly, and gave my arm a little workout too! :)


Leave it to set overnight! Even throughout the next day if you can as I cut it in the morning and it was slightly sticky still but was much better when I got home from work, it was a better fudge consistency! 


Cut into squares and transfer to a cute little tin! Perfect! 


If you have any questions about the fudge let me know! :) hope it turns out as good as mine did! After several terrible attempts! It is great as little Christmas gifts for people! 


I also wanted to mention, again! About my IKEA shoot I did a few months back! It is finally on the website on the ideas page, have a little look if you haven’t already! I always used to say one of my aims is to be featured in a magazine or for an interior company! I always wanted to renovate a house and see it in magazines for people to be inspired by! After lots of hard work it is so exciting and such a huge achievement for me to see it on the Ikea website. Seeing so many nice comments on instagram really makes me happy! It was a great experience and I hope I can see it in more magazines in the future! It just shows you can do it on your own and with a small budget! It is possible! 


Now, I am off to continue the birthday celebrations! I have a jam packed week off so I will keep things going on my insta story if you want to follow! 










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