Happy New Year!!!

December 31, 2017

Ahh, the time has finally come! New Years Eve is here and as I sit here reflecting on the year it really does get me excited for 2018. 


I am going to make a list of all what I hope to achieve for this year, l will hopefully look back on it this time next year and say, yes! I’ve made it happen! 


I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, I have felt like I have made some wrong decisions this year, silly little things and some big mistakes too. But now, they all seem right and i’m glad I’ve made those decisions as it has got me to where I am at now and I can plan for a pretty good 2018 and I couldn’t feel any better than I do right now! 


My biggest goal for this year is to push myself and my ideas for my little business. As you all know, styling and interiors are my passions! If i’m not staring through peoples front doors at their interiors, re-painting a wall in my house or planning kitchens i’m thinking about it!  I have realised that interior and event styling is me and what I want to do so much more of!  I have been to several workshops this year and although I love them, some of them didn’t give me the buzz and inspiration I was hoping for! I have left feeling a little down after being so excited, waiting impatiently for them to come around! So, I would love to do my own! Even if I can plan this year and see people’s feeling towards it and what they want out of it I can prepare for it! 


I will be super busy helping to plan my twin sisters wedding in Malta, which will be amazing! I am so excited and after 10 years I finally get a holiday! Woo! I will be helping her with the styling too, a small and intimate wedding with elegant styling, it’s very exciting!! 


I am also helping my best friend with her wedding plans for 2018 as well!! My two favourite people are getting married, even that will top 2018 off pretty well! Nat lives in the Lake District, somewhere I feel I should move to! Every time I visit I want to move there, it really is one of my favourite places! I’m lucky I can visit her so often and enjoy it, plus she always finds a new little cake shop for us to try! Her wedding is in her local church and then the reception is on her parents land in a marquee. The setting is absolutely perfect! A rustic style wedding and I get to help her style it and currently getting the invites finished. The year is already starting off well! 


I have hen-do’s to plan and style! Now that the majority of the house work is done I can really focus on this! I can’t wait to get started and show you everything! Hopefully it’ll all work out and look as good as it does in my head!! 


One of my other goals this year is to go to Cornwall! I have travelled to so many amazing places in the World and been lucky enough to make some great memories and friends in many different parts of the world, but Cornwall is somewhere I have never been! It looks stunning, the bakery’s, tea shops, beaches, small idyllic little villages I want to get through it all! I want to see it all! I am hoping to get a little better with my photography skills and spend some time in Cornwall where I can practise, make new memories and capture it all! I hope to create an image book next year of the amazing year ahead as I feel I will be rather busy! 


Looking back there have been some huge highs for me! I became an auntie for the first time to not only a niece but a nephew too!! Two new babies in the family which has been amazing! I can’t wait to see them grow into little people and bring even more happiness into our family!! I have a new job, I have learnt so much already and made friends for life there! It makes going to work so much better when you have fabulous friends as well as work colleagues there to help you through! Although I bought my first home in 2016, I have only really enjoyed it the last few months and really made it my home! It is by far my biggest achievement! And with that came my IKEA photo shoot! An amazing opportunity! Something I will be extremely proud of myself for! It was always something I wanted to do, to appear or feature somewhere showing off my house and letting people know you can do it on a budget and still make it amazing! 


So, now I sit here with my new 2018 diary, a pen and a cuppa...of course! Tomorrow is the first blank page in my 365 page book!!! I’m determined to write the best yet! 


Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog, it’s early days but I hope to capture and inspire more people, with the help of Instagram as well! 


Let’s make it happen! 







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